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OOG cargo being loaded at APM Terminals Gothenburg, Sweden

Break Bulk/Out-of-Gauge

APM Terminals Gothenburg has a specialist team and equipment ready to load and unload your Break Bulk or Out-of-Gauge Cargo. To ensure your valuable cargo always remains safe, we only use highly trained and experienced operators, and suitable equipment. We offer one point of contact to guarantee a quick response to any questions.

Break Bulk significantly exceeds the size and/or weight of a standard container and is therefore handled as non-unitised cargo and normally placed on a bed of flat racks with a large number of lashing points. Break Bulk cargo includes things like yachts, masts, industrial machines or train carriages. The paperwork involved in breakbulk shipping can be simpler. Because containers can carry a variety of goods, there are several bills of lading for each one. However, with breakbulk, the whole shipment needs only one bill of lading. At APM Terminals Gothenburg we can also work with and accommodate specialist break-bulk vessels.

With Out-of-Gauge Cargo, the dimensions of the cargo exceed the flat rack or open top container by length, width or height, but a container can still be used. Out of Gauge cargo includes things like propellers, flanges or trucks.

Out-Of-Gage cargo dimensions accepted with use of OOG frame. 

  • Over height: < 2900 MM (Measured from unit gable folded edge).
  • Over width: < 1750 MM each side (left & right) of unit. (Measured from unit side edge).
  • Over length: Please request via email: with picture of cargo.

Out-Of-Gage cargo dimensions accepted with use of chain lift

  • Over height: < 3700 MM (Measured from unit gable folded edge).
  • Over width: < 1750 MM each side (left & right) of unit. (Measured from unit side edge).
  • Over length: Please request via email: with picture of cargo.
  • Send request to for stowage requirements

Other restrictions

  • Flatrack units with wall ends down shall have corner castings free for use of OOG equipment.
  • Payload of unit cannot be exceeded else cargo will be handled as break bulk cargo.
  • Maximum payload is 50 tonnes regardless of load bearing equipment. 

Driver Information

  • Truckers with OOG cargo arriving to terminal are advised to enter in Out-of-gage lane in Gate 4 where they will be advised of loss location. 
  • OOG units handled by SIMA or truck, with a top width of > 200mm or that have a top height of >2100mm measured from the gable folded edge, can only be handled during daytime hours between 07:15 and 20:30. 

Request a Break Bulk/Bulk Rate offer

To receive a breakbulk/bulk rate offer, please email the following mandatory information to

  • Length x Width x Height (CM)
  • Weight (KG)
  • POD (Point of Discharge) and POL (Point of Load)
  • Description of the cargo
  • Sketches or drawings with the centre of gravity
  • Lifting points should be marked clearly

Our team will be in touch shortly to confirm the offer. All offers are valid for 30 days from the date of quotation.

Booking Procedure

Email the booking request to with the quotation number, eg. BBK2019001, in the email subject line and your own reference if applicable. We will add this to the invoice.

This quotation number will be used when scheduling the order – including billing – therefore please attach the quotation number to your break bulk goods.