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APM Terminals Itajaí

APM Terminals was the leaseholder of the Port of Itajaí between 2002 and 2023. During this period, the Company worked to offer the best logistical solutions to customers and made a strong contribution to increasing foreign trade and the local and national economy.

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Port of Itajaí


APM Terminals has terminated its contract with the Port of Itajaí

A chapter in the history of connection between Itajaí and the world comes to an end.

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APM Terminals to terminate its contract with the Port of Itajaí in June 2023

In the interest of transparency and respect for all, we hereby inform you that APM Terminals will not renew the transitional contract for operating the Port of Itajaí for the next six months.

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APM Terminals signs transition contract for the Port of Itajaí in 2023

On Friday 9 December, APM Terminals and the Municipality of Itajaí, through the Superintendence of the Port (SPI), signed a Transitory Lease Agreement for the Port of Itajaí.

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