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For APM Terminals Itajaí, business practices go beyond simply doing business. We believe in the social role that companies can provide to the community where they operate, and in this way, we actively participate in each of the regions where we operate.

 As a global operator, we have huge responsibilities and great potential to bring about positive change, and we take this seriously.  We are committed to the progress of the communities where we work, working to conserve the environment, and improve health, safety, education, culture and leisure.

Environmental Policy

APM Terminals Itajaí S.A., a container port operation company in the import and export flows, in addition to cargo storage, committed to serving the interested parties, assumes as policy:

  • To execute activities using natural resources in a responsible manner in order to prevent environmental pollution and ensure alignment with sustainable market practices, considering the risks and legal requirements inherent to the operations.
  • To promote the improvement of environmental performance through the training of workers and control of environmental parameters, aiming at meeting the expectations of stakeholders in sustainable development.
  • APM Terminals Itajaí establishes the environmental objectives according to the analysis and strategic direction, including the evaluation of environmental risks related to internal and external issues in the context of the organization.