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APM Terminals Itajaí launches MARES - 'Movement for Attention, Respect and Safety at Work'

In order to strengthen our safety culture, APM Terminals Itajaí launched MARES - Movement for Attention, Respect and Safety at Work on the 14th and 16th of October. 

The Superintendent Director, Aristides Russi Jr, presented MARES and its purpose to those present. Collaborators and managers participated in the opening, in addition to the Superintendent of the Port of Itajaí, Marcelo Werner Salles, and the presidents of the local port unions.

The launch was also marked by the display of a tribute video that circulated through the Terminal in an LED truck. The video had the participation of 3 employees' families, representing all professionals from APM Terminals Itajaí.

To represent the Program, we created a brand that contains a coat of arms, a distinctive symbol, with the intention of emphasizing the importance of the initiative and a combination of words that represent our purpose.

  • Movement: we are starting a continuous journey of transformation and improvement.
  • Attention: security demands our dedication and total concentration. And the zeal for everyone's life is fundamental.
  • Respect: safety is our value and license to operate. Respect for safety is everyone's obligation.
  • Workplace Safety: so that it is clear and that we are always aware of our focus on work safety."


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