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Air Cargo Service

We are the pioneer port terminal in this type of operation in Santa Catarina. Air cargo arriving at airports in Brazil is transferred by road for clearance at APM Terminals Itajaí. This offers process flexibility, security and agility. The final destination is a primary customs area (such as APM Terminals), through specific customs transit (DTA).


Lower Cost
Competitive warehousing tariffs when compared to the prices charged by Airport Cargo Terminals. Open for negotiation according to cargo profile and volumes.

Deliveries Within 150 Km
Optional transport service for Less-than-truckload shipping (LTL) with daily departures and fixed value for loads within the delivery radius of 150 KM from APM Terminals, up to 6 tonnes and 15 m3.

No Additional Fees
In addition to commercial flexibility, we do not charge additional fees. At APM Terminals, the only mandatory tax for the customer is storage, unlike the approach taken by airports.

As a primary bonded warehouse, our customs transit cost (DTA) is the same as that of airports, according to TC6 of the Brazilian air cargo guidelines. Furthermore, there is no unloading charge for DTA transport

Pay For Storage Only
Better conditions than those offered by airports in terms of storage. Flexibility to negotiate the feasibility of air cargo migration to APM Terminals.

More Loading Time
Longer deadlines for release and removal of cargo, with extended opening hours for the warehouse and cargo release: 19h - 01h (dawn), allowing loading during the night.

Pay By Card
Pay with a credit card and gain agility in your billing processes.