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Air Cargo Service

The Air Cargo service offered by APM Terminals Itajaí guarantees higher levels of competitiveness, flexibility and security so that your air cargo arrives quickly at its final destination. We are the pioneers this type of operation in Santa Catarina.

We can cut the costs of transporting air cargo from the airport to your company. Air cargo arriving at Brazilian airports can now be transported via the road network to APM Terminals Itaja’s  where we can centralise operations such as storage and withdrawals in our secure terminal environment, reducing logistics costs and creating a continuous and reliable flow of goods for your business. 

The customs transit cost is equal to that of airports in T6 mode. We do not charge additional fees for weight, you simply pay for storage. We offer longer opening times (07:00-01:00 during the week), more loading time and superior conditions, ensuring your goods are operation ready. We offer more competitive costs within a radius of 150km of APM Terminals Itajaí and flexible payment options, including credit card.