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Less than Container Load Illustration

Less than Container Load (LCL)

Do you want speed and lower costs when moving your cargo? Less-than-Container Load (LCL) is ideal for those who want to save money when exporting or importing smaller amounts of stock, paying only for the space used, instead of renting the entire container.

Why choose LCL via APM Terminals Itajai?

  • Economical: LCL lets you ship lower volumes and fulfil orders at a lower cost as compared to air freight. Moreover, this eco-friendlier alternative also helps you meet your CO2 reduction targets.
  • Faster to market: You can ship as soon as your cargo is ready, either from factory or production. Rather than waiting for the entire container to be filled. This is bound to help your cargo arrive on time.
  • Reduced storage costs: Do you lack physical storage capacity to hold large amounts of inventory? LCL removes this problem by helping you meet your business growth targets anyway
  • Flexible: Ship smaller orders more regularly at a lower cost than air freight and help drive the emerging growth of e-commerce for your company.
  • It’s dependable: With around 400 vessels calling APM Terminals Itajai each year, you can plan your shipments better with reliable regular sailings to and from major world-wide destinations.

Oversized LCL loads

Cargo with dimensions greater than 1.2 m (l)  x 1.0 m (b) x 1.30 m (h) and weighing more than 900 kilograms are considered as special and/or excess loads. Goods need to be palletized for safety and storage reasons, and loads with these dimensions require a different control and storage procedure in a specific area. 

A 150% storage charge will be made for loads with the above characteristics. If you have loads with these characteristics, please contact our commercial team for advice.