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Our Terminal

APM Terminals holds a 30% share in Porto Itapoá, Brazil. The terminal began operations in June 2011 and is one of the most efficient container terminals in Latin America. Privately run, the Terminal boasts infrastructure able to handle 2 million TEUs per year.


Located on the north coast of Santa Catarina, Porto Itapoá is positioned among the most productive regions in Brazil, with importers and exporters from the most diverse business segments. Joinville, the largest and most industrialized city in Santa Catarina, lies 80 km to the south and is home to important players in the global market such as Whirlpool and Tupy. Curitiba, the capital and the largest city in Paraná is 140 km to the north. The city is home to industrial giants in the automobile, home appliance, and electronics sectors.

The southern region of Brazil accounts for 16.6% of the Brazilian GDP, evidence of its intense economic activity in both the industrial and agricultural sectors and is characterized by commodities such as soy and rice, as well as poultry, pork, and beef.

With its calm and deep waters, the bay is ideal for receiving large-scale vessels – an increasingly adopted trend in global shipping. Opening as one of the most modern terminals in the world, Porto Itapoá joins the Itapoá municipality as a greenfield project, situated far from the city's urban perimeter with direct connection to BR-101. Additionally, it possesses a 12-million m2 area, defined by the Municipal Planning Director for receiving complementary enterprises.


Equipment and Facilities

The Terminal offers three wharfs with a total length of 1,250 meters. A natural draft of 16 meters  permits simultaneous docking of three Super Post Panamax vessels. The yard covers 146,000 m2 (soon to be quadrupled), with more than 2,000m2 for inspection, also used for cross docking, and a cold storage room for inspecting refrigerated cargo. Porto Itapoá’s scanner is one of the most modern in Latin America and verifies 100% of export cargos.

Reefer Services

The Terminal is equipped with 2,160 reefer outlets that supply refrigerated cargo 24 hours per day. Continuous monitoring, outlet availability and competitive charges have been an important incentive for many companies to migrate their reefer export operations to Itapoá.


Twelve gates operate 24 hours per day, with several lanes able to switch dynamically from entrance to exit gates. Container, vehicle, and weight information is automatically collected via OCR, saving trucking companytime and minimizing errors. Biometric driver access identification speeds up the process even further while also providing greater security. Average wait times at the Porto Itapoá are some of the lowest on the continent. 

Operational Systems

Porto Itapoá was the first Brazilian terminal to implant the Navis Sparcs N4 operational system. Among its many advantages, this Navis version allows synchronized yard and dock planning controlled in real time by its operators.