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APM Terminals Kalundborg

APM Terminals Kalundborg became operational in March 2021. Its 15m draft, deep-water basin, extends along the entire 500 metre quay, which accommodates state-of-the-art port facilities. The terminal operates 24/7 and offers extremely fast truck turn times. Read more…

Terminal News


APM Terminals Kalundborg boosts circular-sustainability

APM Terminals Kalundborg is making big strides in reducing resource inefficiencies and boosting the circular economy. The terminal has joined the world's leading industrial symbiosis, Kalundborg Symbiosis, with a view to boosting community connectivity, reducing waste and optimising business efficiency.

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APM Terminals extends concession of Kalundborg container terminal and introduces new customer services

APM Terminals has reached an agreement with the Port of Kalundborg to extend the concession of Kalundborg container terminal by 10 years to 2033.

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Inauguration of the new Customs and Veterinary facility at APM Terminals Kalundborg

A brand-new combined facility for Customs and Veterinary Control will be built at Port of Kalundborg. A groundbreaking ceremony was held 6th of March at New West Port, very close to APM Terminals Kalundborg.

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