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APM Terminals Kalundborg

APM Terminals Kalundborg became operational in March 2021. Its 15m draft, deep-water basin, extends along the entire 500 metre quay, which accommodates state-of-the-art port facilities. The terminal operates 24/7 and offers extremely fast truck turn times. Read more…

Terminal News

Danish Pop-Up Terminal Bustles as War Bogs Down Global Trade

Town of Kalundborg is staging area for banned Russian cargo. About 8,000 containers this week waited to be redirected.

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APM Terminals Kalundborg celebrates a successful first year of operations

APM Terminals Kalundborg Today looks back on a successful year, during which it gained importance as an attractive alternative to Copenhagen, given the majority of containers discharged in the capital are transported onwards to other destinations in the country.

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APM Terminals offers truck-turn-time transparency in Denmark

APM Terminals Aarhus and APM Terminals Kalundborg now show Truck Turn Time information on their website homepages. Updated daily, this offers complete transparency regarding traffic at the terminal.

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