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APM Terminals offers truck-turn-time transparency in Denmark

APM Terminals Aarhus and APM Terminals Kalundborg now show Truck Turn Time information on their website homepages. Updated daily, this offers complete transparency regarding traffic at the terminal. In addition to daily truck-turn-time averages, customers can also monitor the trend with both monthly and year-to-date averages. 

So far this year, despite a surge in volumes through both terminals, APM Terminals Aarhus has been able to achieve industry leading turn times for trucking customers of just 26 minutes, dropping to a 21-minute average for February to date. APM Terminals Kalundborg turn times are a record breaking 10 minutes for both the year and month to date.

Both terminals offer the use of a pre-announcement app, which allows information about the pick-up/drop-off to be provided in advance. The driver then receives instructions via the app (EIR) identifying which grid to delivery/pick-up the container from within the terminal. This minimises any waiting time to enter or exit the gate.