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COVID-19 Terminal Status Update

General status

Our facilities continue to operate and our COVID-19 preventative measures have been effective. Sanitization & social distancing remain the focus to ensure the safety of our people and your supply chain.

We continue to engage the leadership within the ILA and ILWU in the US as well as the CROM in Mexico to ensure our COVID action plans are coordinated. Our Government Relations team continues to engage at the federal and state level to identify and coordinate support for supply chain and logistics entities.

Operational status

  • Terminal is operating normally.

We have started to see a rise in dwell times for segments of cargo.

We have implemented a process that consistently examines and identifies cargo that is dwelling unexpectedly long. This information will be provided to the Ocean Carriers and hopefully assist in ensuring any cargo that can move is delivered to ensure terminal storage charges are kept to a minimum and the terminals remain fluid.

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Terminal Alerts

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