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Lázaro Cárdenas operates the largest customs facility in México with over 60 positions for cargo clearance process. Its customs process is typically two to three days faster than other ports, such as the port of Manzanillo. Lázaro Cárdenas has the capacity to carry out same day inspections for 100% of all import volumes. Not only is this more efficient, but also results in lower or no additional storage fees.

Pre-inspection service

The Terminal offers three types of inspections, ocular, express (on truck) and consolidation and deconsolidation. The pre-inspection takes place before goods are subjected to official controls by the customs authority. It helps to prevent any financial penalties being applied by customs authorities and unnecessary delays. 

This pre-inspection validates cargo documentation against the physical merchandise to verify that price, quantity and quality of the goods is according to the bill of landing and verifies compliance with the applicable non-tariff regulations and restrictions for each type of merchandise according to the General Import and Export Taxes regulation. It is also a good opportunity to confirm that merchandise packaging and product quality is as agreed with the supplier. This type of inspection is used by customers or importers through their authorized customs house broker.

  • Reduce legal risks.
  • Confirm that merchandising, packing and quality products are those previously agree with the suppliers.
  • Verify compliance with the applicable non-tariff regulations.


Request an appointment for cargo inspections using our commercial web platform.