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Container Storage Lazaro Cardenas, Mexico

Express Import Collection Service

Pre-announcement can already be made via our online commercial platform for full imports on double chassis, available for delivery the following day. This service is free of charge.

From April 4, 2022, APM Terminals Lázaro Cárdenas will off an Express Import Delivery service for the delivery of import containers that need to be picked up the same day they are registered (and that have not been pre-announced the day before).

How can I request the service?


  • $905 MXN plus VAT. Billable to customers specified in application form.


  • ASLA registration and gate operation hours remain unchanged.
  • Empty or refrigerated chassis (full or simple) do not yet require pre-announcement and do not apply for Express Delivery.
  • Applies only for full containers that have not been pre-announced the day before.