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lazaro-rail services

Rail Services

APM Terminals Lazaro Cardenas has its own on-dock rail and infrastructure to structure a full train within its own premises. No other facility in México has such infrastructure. This operational advantage reduces lead times and dependency on third parties.

The terminal has direct rail connectivity to key consumption markets, including Mexico City, Salinas Victoria in Monterrey, San Luis Potosí and other key inland locations. Daily services also connect through the Kansas City Southern Mexico intermodal network.

Direct connectivity to APM Terminals intermodal facility in Mexico City, reducing lead times for deliveries to this key market by almost five days compared to traditional road transport.

  • Daily services connecting though all Kansas City Southern Mexico intermodal network.
  • Capacity for four fully trains per day.
  • Buffer area with capacity of 600 TEUs to assure expedite process.
  • Reducing lead time to almost five days.

Unit (block) trains services also provide direct cross-border connections to Houston, Memphis and Dallas in the United States. This offers competitive faster transit times against all water routes and US west coast ports. We currently operate one service per week, but have the capacity to increase this to three trains of 2.4km (200 containers) in length, up to four times per week.

APM Terminals provides the support for the customs process, aligning these to ensure a smooth transfer from vessel discharge to loading in the intermodal yard and final delivery in Houston. The cross-border trains utilize the new Joint Unified Cargo Processing facility in Laredo, which helps decreases the number of customs inspections and time taken to provide resolutions from both customs authorities.

Efficient Rail Customs Clearance

APM Terminals Lazaro Cardena has its own rail customs inspection facility. This simplifies the rail cargo customs inspection process by reducing time and streamlining processes within the supply chain. The facility offers 34 dedicated bays for authorities to carry out cargo container inspection for rail cargo in a clearance process. This removes the need to exit the unit to carry an inspection at the customs authority’s own facility. APM Terminals must submit containers within two hours to ensure a smooth customs process. 

  • Best and most efficient logistics option for rail cargo inspections.
  • No need to exit the unit to carry out an inspection at the customs authority facility.
  • Considerably simplifies customs clearance processes.