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Verified Gross Mass Weighing

Container weighing & VGM Certification is integrated in our Terminal Operations and offers a seamless and straightforward process for VGM/IMO SOLAS compliance. It is accurate and very easy to obtain.

Our cranes send the weight directly to the operational system which reports directly to the shipper. Eleven of our landside automated cranes have been retrofitted to provide this service.

  • Integrated in Terminal Operations System
  • Calibrated, accurate and constant preventive maintenance provided to the equipment
  • No 3rd party scale vendors involved, therefore saving time and extra costs

How do I request/cancel VGM?

VGM can be ordered in our Commercial Platform in the section 'Servicios > Servicio de Pesaje'. The request can be cancelled without incurring charges as long as the status of the container is still pre-advised.