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Modernized -Terminal Trucker Training

Our Modernized Terminal is open for Import delivery pickup. We will be processing import transactions through the Truck Exchange Lanes.  

When directed to The Modernized Facility, the Routing Ticket will state:  Deliver/Pick Up container at Truck Exchange Lane 10-15 (there will always be a range of lanes listed to ensure lane access for the driver). For the The Conventional Facility the Routing Ticket will state:  Take/Pick Up container to/at Grounded Location *_____ / or Take container to Wheeled Location *______. *Grounded locations start with a letter (J301) and Wheeled locations are all numerical.


If there is interest in a virtual training session, please contact Fran Ohlheiser at or call 562-577-2732. Stay tuned for additional updates. 

For those who were unable to attend one of our our online training sessions, a training video will shortly be available on this page.  We will also be offering further online training sessions as we get closer to the opening.

The map on this page identifies the modernized area of the terminal from the current RTG section. It also shows the location of the Truck Exchange Lanes (TELs).