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Modernized -Terminal Trucker Training


  • The map on this page identifies the modernized area of the terminal from the current RTG section. It also shows the location of the Truck Exchange Lanes (TELs).
  • 200826-imgpsh-mobile-saveWhen directed to The Modernized Facility, the Routing Ticket will state:  Deliver/Pick Up container at Truck Exchange Lane 10-15 (there will always be a range of lanes listed to ensure lane access for the driver). For the The Conventional Facility the Routing Ticket will state:  Take/Pick Up container to/at Grounded Location *_____ / or Take container to Wheeled Location *______. *Grounded locations start with a letter (J301) and Wheeled locations are all numerical.
  • Drivers should read their routing ticket to ensure they are selecting the correct size chassis for their import pick up - having the wrong size causes delays.  The driver is responsible to understand the transaction they will be performing.
  • It is critically important drivers ensure their Chassis pins are completely unlocked before initiating a transaction Modernized terminal section/TEL (Truck Exchange Lanes).  Failure to comply will result in a safety citation and fine and will be required to take our on-line STEP class.
  • Drivers must not press the RED E-STOP button for NON-Emergency reasons. Please  use the CALL BOX to speak to a clerk if they need assistance.