Important improvements and changes to truck appointments

At the end of September, APM Terminals Los Angeles Pier 400 will make a number of changes to its Truck Appointment System, TERMPoint.    

Schedule Empty Container Returns/Drop-offs

In addition to scheduling import pickup and export drop-off appointments via a single screen, empty pick up and empty drop off appointments will now be required and available in TERMPoint.

Truck License # Required

You will now be required to add the Truck License # to all appointments. User will be able to select a truck from a list of registered trucks for their trucking company.

Container and Seal numbers required

Export appointments will now require the container # and seal #. If the container # is not known at time of appointment creation, the user can still secure an appointment. When the container # is known, the appointment can be ‘Managed’ in TERMPoint and updated with the container #.


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