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Our Terminal

Our terminal, located on the second Maasvlakte in Rotterdam, opened in 2015. APM Terminals Maasvlakte II remains the world’s most advanced fully automated terminal, equipped to handle the largest container ships way into the future. With fully fenced-off automated areas, separating men and machines, it is also one of the safest.


Around 80% of crane movements are automated, with the remaining manual operations being performed remotely. Dual lifting technology provides greater stability, so that work can go on even under severe weather conditions. Each crane is equipped with dual spreaders, allowing the discharge and loading of two 40-foot containers in tandem.


When discharged, the containers are pre-stacked according to onward transportation. Each modality has dedicated capacity available. An approach which results in quick terminal throughput and direct container availability. The exchange of information for pre-notification and documentation precedes the container itself and takes place entirely via Portbase, the Dutch Port Community System.

Smooth operations

For trucks we work with pre-booked time slots for collection and delivery to the terminal. This means we can have containers waiting ready to go, and more importantly, no queues and delays. An online booking system offers flexibility should unexpected delays occur. 

For inland waterway vessels, we operate a similar system, we also operate using fixed windows. We can therefore guarantee that space on the quay will be available and the team will be ready to load/unload containers without delay. We’ll also provide advanced notice of any delays to incoming deep-sea vessels for improved planning.


Our rail terminal is directly connected to Betuwe rail line, a 160 km (100 mile) double track electric-powered freight line which links the Port of Rotterdam with the German border at Zevenaar-Emmerich.Two intermodal rail cranes bridge all eight tracks.

Our separate barge quay and fully integrated rail terminal ensure a smooth supply and discharge of containers from and to the hinterland. We have dedicated container stacks for barge, rail and truck haulage. After unloading from the deep sea vessel, import containers are placed according to their inland modality to make them directly available for further transportation. We also employ slot planning for trucks. 

Sustainable terminal

APM Terminals Maasvlakte II is a CO₂ emission free terminal. The buildings and sites are energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and sustainable. Just like most of the equipment. The SQCs regenerate energy. Staff drive electric cars at the terminal and the 73 Lift Automated Guided Vehicles (L-AGV) also run-on electricity instead of diesel. These powered automatic vehicles transport containers for a period of eight hours on one battery. When the battery is almost empty, the L-AGV drives itself to a charging station, where the battery is automatically exchanged. There are two Battery Exchange Stations at the terminal that supply the L-AGVs with batteries generated from green wind energy. The electric drive on the terminal ensures minimum noise pollution.


Hours of Operation

We are open 24 hours per day except for the following:

24 December 15:00 - 26 December 07:00
31 December 15:00 - 1 January 15:00