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Transport by road is flexible and fast. The container can be transported directly to the front door of the shipper or recipient. A large part of Europe can be reached within a day via the A15 motorway

Automated terminal

Our automated truck handling system result in a smooth, reliable and fully automated truck visit. Dedicated capacity for truck handling is available 24/7. We offer a safe, fast and efficient truck visit.

Rapid throughput via slot management

The introduction of time slot management reduces congestion at the gate and in the yard. Truck hauliers only have access to the terminal if they reserved a slot. With this information APM Terminals Maasvlakte II can pre-sort the containers for pick-up of the haulier. We will not issue more time slots than available truck capacity. That way, waiting times at the gate are avoided and the time required for the visit is reduced.

Pre-notification well ahead of time

Information always precedes the container at APM Terminals Maasvlakte II. The pre-announcement of the container and the reservation of a time slot both take place via the service Road Planning of Portbase. At that point, the documentation has already been supplied in digital form by the forwarder or shipper. The driver reports at the terminal using the visitor reference and Cargo Card, after which the visit proceeds without a hitch.

Required formalities for access

In order to gain access to our terminal, you must first prepare the following things. We ask that you review our safety instructions and answer a number of questions. You can see it here, at the terminal you can choose to answer the questions directly. You must also have your fingerprint linked to your cargo card. Via Secure Logistics you will receive information about your terminal on your finger scan, which you can link to your cargo card. In conclusion, read more at

And then to the terminal

The driver gets a pre-notification easy access with his visit reference, freight card and finger scan. Then the driver continues his route on APM Terminals Maasvlakte II.