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APMT MVII supports KNRM, Kika Foundation and the Foodbank

APMT donates to the Royal Dutch Rescue Society (KNRM)

With 64 terminals around the world, many of them at busy ports and harbours, we have innate respect for the sea and for the seafarers whose role in the global supply chain can never be under-estimated. Above everything, we strive to conduct our work safely, so that everyone we are in contact with gets home safe and well. For all these reasons and more, we have deep admiration for the coastguards who risk their lives to save those in distress on the water.

APM Terminals donated €10,000 to an organization that has saved countless lives in the Netherlands over its 200 years of existence.

The KNRM – or Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution – is run by volunteers who respond to more than 2,000 emergency calls a year, rescuing and helping more than 3,000 people. The donation will help the organization continue its important work.

Igor van Essen, APM Terminals’ Regional Managing Director, Africa and Europe said: “it is important to support initiatives that are in line with our own mission and values. Saving people and preventing accidents at sea and in-shore waters is a cause that touches our hearts. I’m proud of our team at Maasvlakte II, and I’m proud that we are supporting such a worthwhile organization.”

APMT MVII supports Kika Foundation

img-3Doing good and contributing to our society is important. During the St. Nicholas period, all terminal employees received a delicious chocolate letter. The chocolate letters were ordered from the KiKa Foundation. With this, APM Terminals Maasvlakte II has donated an amount of €3,000 to this wonderful charity.

KiKa is the only charity in the Netherlands that invests in research specifically targeting all forms of childhood cancer. The foundation funds scientific research into childhood cancer to increase the cure rate of sick children. The research results improve the quality of treatments and reduce side effects.

With this donation, we want to give children a more hopeful future.

APMT MVII supports the Foodbank

APM Terminals Maasvlakte II donates food products to the Food Bank in Spijkenisse. A great organization with many volunteers who provide free food and stuff to families who are having a difficult time. A small donation makes a big difference! With the holidays coming up, it's great that the Food Bank can give families a little extra.

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