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Bugaboo - Partnering with APM Terminals to achieve zero-emission supply chains

At APM Terminals, we’ve made a global commitment to be net zero by 2040 and, as a leading global terminal company, when we lift the standards of responsibility, we do it not only for ourselves, but others too.

Many of our customers choose our terminals because our net zero goals reflect theirs. That is true for our shipping and landside customers, and for their customers - the companies and stores that we all shop in. Companies like Bugaboo.

Parenting products company Bugaboo is aiming to become net zero by 2035. They’ll get there by working with all partners in their value chain to minimise environmental impact in their shipments – including our terminal APM Terminals Maasvlakte II in Rotterdam.

Zero-emission terminal

APM Terminals Maasvlakte II is a CO₂ emission free terminal, powered by electricity produced from wind turbines. The building and site are energy-efficient utilising smart equipment, and occupancy and daylight sensors to turn off lighting and equipment when it’s not required. Among other things, staff drive electric cars at the terminal, electric cranes have a power regeneration feature and the 73 Lift Automated Guided Vehicles (L-AGV) also run-on electricity. Water pumped from 160 metres depth is used to heat and cool buildings and equipment is used as efficiently as possible.

In the video below, Bugaboo explains the urgency of selecting partners like APM Terminals that support their decarbonisation journey.


Container Terminal Illustration

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