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APM Terminals MVII signs largest European expansion contract (62 cranes) with Kuenz and ABB

APM Terminals Maasvlakte II (APMT MVII) has signed the largest expansion contract ever in Europe with Kuenz and ABB. The contract includes the purchase of as many as 62 Automated Rail Mounted Gantry Cranes (ARMGs) from renowned Austrian construction company Kuenz, featuring the reliable automated handling systems from ABB. The ceremonial signing of this mega-contract took place Wednesday, March 13. The first ARMGs will be delivered as early as April 2025. Due to the leading-edge technology and efficiency of these ARMGs, the capacity of APMT MVII is expected to significantly increase, nearly doubling by the end of 2027.

After a careful selection process, APMT MVII became enthusiastic about the aerodynamic design and relatively low energy consumption of Kuenz's ARMGs, making the choice of this family-owned company with over 90 years of experience a logical one. Kuenz, based in Vorarlberg and ISO-certified, is renowned for its innovative and technically advanced crane constructions that are sufficient to meet even the most complex challenges, such as now at Maasvlakte II."

Hans Jongejan, Project Director MVII-Expansion: "This is an important step in the expansion for APMT MVII. Kuenz and ABB once again proved to be the best solutions for the handling of our containers. The combination between the reliable automatic handling provided by Kuenz and ABB’s aerodynamic cranes makes this a sustainable choice. This allows us to not only become the most modern gateway to Europe but also the most efficient and sustainable. We look forward to a successful cooperation."

Clara Holmgren, Business Line Manager Ports, ABB Marine & Ports says: “In collaboration with Kuenz and APMT MVII we have been able to deliver the highest level of automation resulting in a terminal with high productivity and low maintenance needs. We are excited to take this proven concept to the next level, delivering the efficiency gains that are only available to the leaders of terminal automation.”

"The Kuenz ARMG Concept 2.0, introduced in the current facility of APMT MVII, was characterized by innovative new features, especially in the hoist unit. This groundbreaking development not only increased the performance of the cranes, but also significantly reduced operating costs. The positive effects of this pioneering innovation have been fully realized," says David Moosbrugger, Managing Director of Kuenz.

The collaboration between Kuenz and ABB has previously proven successful in large collaborative projects, such as the implementation of 54 ARMGs in the current terminal of APM Terminals at Maasvlakte II.

With the signing of these mega-orders, a significant milestone is achieved in the expansion plans of APMT MVII, enabling the terminal to prepare for further phased capacity expansion with the arrival of these advanced and efficient super cranes. This marks a major and innovative boost for the future of container handling in Rotterdam, reinforcing APM Terminals' position as a leading player in the logistics sector.

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