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Operating Procedures

The manuals on this page (right) outline the steps that need to be taken for visitors to APM Terminals Maasvlakte II. The chapters are presented in the order in which the procedures need to be followed. Our terminal is highly automated, therefore it is essential that all information is submitted correctly and on time.

Approved Sender Procedure (TA - Toegelaten Afzender)

To avoid delays validating transport documents before a container is cleared to leave the terminal, APM Terminals Maasvlakte II encourages the use of the simplified procedure, known as the TA (Toegelaten Afzender, or "approved sender") procedure. See 'Electronic Submission of Customs Documents' below. When unavoidable, the ‘Normal Procedure’ (NT1) may be used.  APM Terminals Maasvlakte II:

  • Makes truck parking available for drivers needing to park their trucks for a visit to Customs
  • Offers temporary accommodation to Customs officials
  • Provide machines for printing bar codes, installed in the temporary Customs accommodation.

Electronic submission of customs documents

To make the handling of import and export cargoes as efficient as possible documentation must be submitted in advance through the Portbase Port Community System. For road operators, your Customs documentation must be digitally received at least one hour before the assigned time slot. For transport by inland water ways and rail, please submit your Customs documentation digitally, no later than six hours before the expected arrival time of the barge or train.

Timely notification of onward transport

When we are informed promptly of the subsequent mode of transport, we can immediately place your container(s) in the correct dedicated stack. Barge and rail operators do this by sending a “request for container status” message through Portbase. Inland transporters can only send this message once they have received the order from the freight forwarder or shipper, so please send orders to the transporting parties as soon as possible, to make sure that they can send this message to us before the arrival of the deep-sea vessel.

Hours of Operation

We are open 24 hours per day except for the following:

24 December 15:00 - 26 December 07:00
31 December 15:00 - 1 January 15:00