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Early Gate - Maasvlakte

Early Gate In

Early gate-in enables customers to deliver containers to Maasvlakte II at any time and store containers at the terminal itself, regardless of the normal permitted time frame. Customers are charged per day, per container stored.

Early gate-in removes the need to first deliver some containers to an inland storage location, or to deliver them in separate shipments. Enabling customers to deliver all of their containers to the terminal in one go, even if part of the delivery is scheduled for a later date, reduces costs.

Removing the need to first deliver part of the shipment to an inland storage depot reduces logistics complexity, transport costs and storage costs. In fact, you have just one contact at APM Terminals to ensure your containers are shipped on time.


At a glance

✔ Increases efficiency 
✔ Reduces costs
✔ Reduces supply-chain complexity 
✔ Increases flexibility 
✔ Reduces chance of error