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Go Green 2022: Making a Difference Together

We continue our ambitious mission to enable future changemakers by rooting environmental awareness deep into the educational system. This year we took a different approach: a gentle hand from the terminal shaking hands with the future generation. 

This year saw the third school in a row from our local community get a Go Green makeover. More than 400 Children were touched by the Go Green Educational Programs led by more than 30 young APM Terminals Medport Tangier colleagues who worked hard over two weeks to paint a big smile on the kids’ faces. The enthusiasm and energy was phenomenal.

This year we decided to bring extra care and raise the bar, so we got the idea to up-lift and flip three 40ft damaged containers to serve for educational purposes. The rest is just magic! 

At APM Terminals, we educate, we employ creative, participative, and artistic approaches to teach our communities children, the future generation, about the effects of climate change and the ambitious decarbonization goals, igniting a desire to learn more and the excitement to contribute.

Check out some of the photo highlights on Flickr.