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Safety is at the heart of what we do. We care for the health and safety of our people and our planet and pride ourselves on being an industry leader in safety performance. In addition to protecting our workforce, effectively managing safety risks supports our reputation, improves financial returns, strengthens stakeholder confidence, and increases our competitive advantage.

Our safety standards assist all managers in delivering on our expectations to protect: our people, our property and equipment, our customers and their cargo, our business partners, and the community. They form part of an overall safety management framework.

Safety at APM Terminals MedPort Tangier focused on how we as individuals can impact safety - how we care about each other, and how we take small responsible moves to demonstrate care and influence safe behaviors, drive improvement to solve problems and therefore reduce failures. How we can learn from experts on the front line, adapt and listen in order to build resilient processes capable of handling failures and fail-safe.


Virtual Reality Safety Training

APM Terminals MedPort Tangier (TM2) began incorporating Virtual Reality technology deep into its safety trainings in 2020. The training modules cover around 14 topics and provide a rich training experience that allows individuals to feel and react to nearly real-life scenarios, such as falling from a height or even surviving a serious fire. Elevating trainings with a new level of interaction has had a noteworthy impact on safety attitude, culture and performance.