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In an effort to see if extending gate hours would help in picking up additional cargo, APM Terminals Mobile will extend its gate hours. Please see updated schedule in the News section below.

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Driver Registration

UIIA Registration

All drivers who enter APM Terminals Mobile need to be UIIA. The UIIA a standard industry contract that outlines the rules for the interchange of equipment between intermodal trucking companies and equipment providers (ocean carriers, railroads & equipment leasing companies). Participation in the UIIA increases operational efficiencies and eliminates the need to manage multiple interchange contracts and insurance filings. Register at 

To register with UIIA trucking companies need a valid SCAC code available from the National Motor Freight Traffic Association 

Driver Safety Induction

All individual drivers will need to complete a safety course that is administered upon demand Monday – Friday from 7AM – 5pm.  This class takes about 1 hour and carries a $10 fee for issuing the class and APM Terminals Mobile, AL RFID badge.  Lost badge replacement is $25.  These fees are cash only, and a receipt is provided to the driver.

Identification Card

APM Terminals Mobile’s Identification office is located in the first floor of the administration building (901 Ezra Trice Blvd). The Id office is open for enrolment Monday through Friday from 0800 (8 am) to 1500 (3 pm). No appointment is necessary.

Your company must be registered to conduct business at APM Terminals Mobile. Registered to conduct business is defined as:

  • An ILA Local that has a contract with APM Terminals Mobile
  • A private business that has established a vendor/client relationship with APM Terminals Mobile for services through a contract;
  • A trucking company that has an interchange agreement with APM Terminals Mobile and has registered in the Terminal Operating System (TOS)

You must have completed the Basic Safety, Security & Environment Training. To enrol in the facility, you must have a valid Transportation Workers Identification Card (TWIC). For further information and to apply visit 

You must bring at least one the following forms of identification at the time of enrollment:

a. ALL: Transportation Workers Identification Card (TWIC)

b. ILA Workers (in addition to valid TWIC):

  • A valid State issued driver’s license or Alabama State Port Authority Identification Card or Valid U.S. Passport
  • Local Union Card with badge number

c. OTR Drivers/Vendors (in addition to valid TWIC)

  • A valid State issued driver’s license
  • Proof of Insurance
  • License plate number of vehicle