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In an effort to see if extending gate hours would help in picking up additional cargo, APM Terminals Mobile will extend its gate hours. Please see updated schedule in the News section below.

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Hazardous Cargo Procedure

  • Shipper owned units must be ON HIRED to the appropriate steamship line PRIOR to any of the haz process starting.  If the container is not On-Hired to the appropriate steamship line, the rest of the process will not ‘attach’ to the container as it will be miss-matched to the wrong steamship line. If this is in question, the equipment history in Track & Trace on our homepage will normally show the last steamship line that is attached to the unit.
  • The steamship line will upload all documents to the APM Terminals HAZ web site.
  • APM Terminals does not recognized primary and “sub” class.  APM Terminals system is set up to verify placards present or not present.  If a placard needs to be displayed, that class of HAZ must be entered in the booking and on the container pre-advise.  
    • Drayage providers can verify all Haz classes on a pre-advised container.  Once appointment is made, the drayage provider can click on the container number to verify all placard class designations are present.
  • If a drayage provider does NOT get a valid appointment due to “No-PreAdise” or if a Haz class is missing, they should use the appointment system chat or email  ONLY TSC can assist with Haz.  The TSC can inform the drayage provider where the issue is occurring.
    • No PreAdvise (No documents in APM HAZ): Customer must get the steamship line to upload documents.
    • No PreAdvise (Document present in APM Haz):  Many time documents have been uploaded, but the pre-advise is not on the container.  TSC can assist with this.  However, to avoid future issues have the customer contact the steamship line to check on this issue.  Normally this occurs because the unit was not On-Hired as the 1st step.
    • Sub-Class not present: TSC can manually add this most of the time.  The steamship line is not placing the sub-class in the primary position.  APM Terminals is verifying placards, so all classes must be entered.