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Please be advised that APM Terminals Mobile is no longer offering weekend truck gate opening. If you are in need of a weekend gate going forward, please email to obtain a quote. To receive future Alerts via email or SMS, please subscribe to Terminal Alerts.
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Covid-19 Update

Rumors are still being spread across the community that we are going to shut down.  This is not true.  Please take a part in dispelling this if it comes your way.  Not only is this not factual, but can be a deterrent and cause additional panic for our stakeholders.

All terminal related information will be sent across using this platform.

APM Terminals Mobile is doing a ton to protect everyone's well being, interests in the terminal, and the health of the terminal.  Everyday we are adding to our approach on how to handle the mitigation of this virus spreading through our community and will continue until we are all in the clear.

Some Current Actions We are Taking:

  1. Labor and Management being scanned prior to entering the facility (Temperature checks, questionnaires)
  2. Management either working from home or in designated offices on terminal - minimal staff onsite

    a. No physical employee interaction allowed

  3. Engineered all methods of congregation out

    a. Break rooms have been closed
    b. Community microwaves/coffee machines/water coolers are shut down
    c. Safety talks are done over the radio
    d. Lobby restrictions, no more than two people allowed in the front lobby
    e. Doors on offices must remain shut
    f. Gate Clerks are separated and working in multiple sites around the terminal

  4. Regular Deep Office Cleaning Scheduled on top of our daily service (3/4 times per day)
  5. All terminal equipment is being sanitized and put on a schedule

    a. Additional mobile hand sanitizing wash stations on order with 4 in place around the Container Yarc, 4 more inbound


  1. Hours Next Week: 07:00 - 17:00
  2. Badges by appt only, email


Terminal Alerts

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