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APM Terminals Mobile wins Partnership for Environmental Progress Award

APM Terminals Mobile has been awarded the Partnership for Environmental Progress (PEP) Award in recognition of its efforts to reduce emissions over the past year. The award ceremony will be hosted in August 2020.

A focus on reducing greenhouse emissions is nothing new to APM Terminals, which along with parent company A.P. Moller Maersk announced its commitment to becoming carbon neutral by 2050. 
Partnership for Environmental Progress, or PEP, is a non-profit Community Development Corporation focused on promoting business growth while preserving and enhancing the environment and quality of life along the Gulf Coast. 

As with the majority of APM Terminals global network, APM terminals Mobile, Alabama, have clear goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIS) to measure and achieve a reduction in emissions targets. Activities commended by the PEP award include, among others, moving to electric-powered vehicles, LED lighting and fleet modernization.

Electric Vehicles

The terminals current fleet of gas-powered vehicles is responsible for a large portion of greenhouse gas emissions. Moving to electric-powered vehicles will reduce those greenhouse emissions by approximately 85%, and the terminal aims to have 19 of these vehicles on site by end August.

LED Lighting

Approximately 280 high-sodium, high-mast lights will be replaced with LED lighting. This action will contribute about a 50% reduction in carbon emissions as well. The emissions from the previously used, high-sodium lights are a significant contributing factor to haze that limits visibility to the skies, but the switch to LED lighting will have a positive effect on this.

In addition to the above efforts, the terminal is also implementing a plan to replace older equipment. In the near future, 19 utility tractors (UTRs) and 5 reach stackers will be replaced with newer models, an action that is expected to lead to about a 30% reduction in emissions.

“We’re focused on the end game here,” said Frank Tobey, Head of Maintenance and Repair for APM Terminals Mobile, and leader of these efforts on terminal. “What we’re doing will benefit the environment, our local community, and of course our industry.”

Brian Harold, Managing Director for APM Terminals Mobile, added, “I really appreciate this recognition from the Partners for Environmental Progress. APM Terminals greatly enjoys being a member of the Mobile community, and we plan to be here for many years to come. There is no greater responsibility we have than to be responsible corporate citizens, and a major part of that is being responsible in how we treat the environment”.