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Gate/Appointment Process Reminders

Dear Customer,

To ensure that our gate in/out process runs as smoothly as possible and to avoid any delays, please note the following:
  • All appointments must be created PRIOR to arriving.  If a driver does not have an appointment made for them, that driver should not enter the facility until the transaction is created.
  • If a driver is arriving for a dual transaction (Drop off and Pickup) please ensure that that is merged prior to arrival.  If the transaction is not merged, the driver will only get one gate ticket and have to return to the kiosk to get the second gate ticket AFTER the initial transaction is complete.
  • Drivers with 7am transactions should not approach the kiosk until 7am.  It has been asked that companies not have drivers arrive to the facility until 15 minutes prior to their start time.
  • The driver should badge in to the kiosk ONCE.  The screen at the kiosk does update to inform the driver the badge is scanned and the driver can wait for assistance.  The driver should RARELY have a need to hit the blue assistance button on the kiosk. We are having drivers scanning their badge multiple times and/or hitting the blue assistance button.  Doing this just resets the transaction and is creating delays.
  • If a driver feels they are not being serviced, we have personnel around the gate area to assist the drivers with questions.
  • Pool Chassis - DO NOT select chassis own "YES"  - If a chassis is the APM Terminals database as a valid chassis, then the dispatcher should be entering that chassis number in the transaction.  If a chassis is entered in the appointment and is a valid chassis (you would get a error if the chassis is NOT a valid chassis asking to "on-hire" the chassis).  The chassis own "YES" should only be checked if a dispatcher has an owner chassis that is NOT in the APM Terminals database.  
  • Once a driver has entered the gate cue, do NOT adjust the appointment.  This includes changing the time window, merging appointments, or changing drivers. If an appointment is changed once a driver enters the facility from the street, that driver will have to depart and re-enter the facility.  Monday and early Tuesday there may have been some issues with drivers arriving at the kiosk "outside their appointment window".  This has been updated to not cause this issue .  Any issues with Missed appointments will be waived for the week.  
  • While we have visual of the front of trucks, sometimes it is hard to see. If drivers can write down and know their truck tag number just in case the clerk at the kiosk ask for this information.

Kind regards,

APM Terminals Mobile