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Fines to commence for drivers not stopping at out-gate red light

Dear Customer,

In a recent meeting with Customs Border Protection (CBP), they clearly stated that any driver not acknowledging a RED Light at the out-gate traffic signal by coming to a stop will be subject to fine of up to $5000.

Please follow these instructions to avoid the possibility of a fine:

Each out-gate lane is equipped with a traffic signal on the left side of the  lane.

When departing the out gate area drivers should observe the signal as they depart the kiosk.

Drivers should stop if a red light is being displayed and await further instructions from a CBP officer. 

Drivers should only proceed with a green light or if instructed by a CBP Officer.

Proceeding past a red light can be punishable by CBP fine of $5000. 


Kind regards,
APM Terminals Mobile