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Merlyn Bermudez


My name is Merlyn Bermudez, I am a Shift Manager at APM Terminals, Moín, Costa Rica. As APM Terminals first female Shift Manager in Latin Amercia I want to share a little bit about my story in support of International Women's Day 2022...

Katherine López


Safety Supervisor, Katherine López, talks about the importance of safety and security at APM Terminals Moín, Costa Rica, where the secret of success lies in collaboration.

Gender Equality


In 2021, Costa Rica established the National Commission for the Support and Promotion of Women's Work at Ports.


The Commission is made up of representatives from both the public and private sectors and includes two representatives from APM Terminals, Moín. It’s goal is to set up and promote Diversity and Inclusion initiatives, which recognise the contribution of women to the productive sector.

Marco Ramírez - Transformation Leader

Working Lean

"In December 2021, APM Terminals Moin, Costa Rica, celebrated the graduation of 74 Lean Practitioners. Marco Ramírez, Transformation Leader said: “We are proud to share with all of you, the celebration and graduation of 74 Lean Practitioners from all functions, ages and backgrounds here in TCM. A special thanks to our directors and support of our leaders and coaches. This important milestone together with onboarding 100% of employees in Lean principles will result in an outstanding performance for all our customers - working with exceptional people supported by world-class tools, a collaborative and proactive mindset and a common language. We are thrilled to celebrate our people's development and move towards becoming a reference point for the Americas."