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The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) submitted by APM Terminals Moin details an environmental Partner Management Plan for protecting, compensating for, and mitigating construction of the Moín Container Terminal (MCT). The Plan was prepared by 18 experts from the Tropical Science Center.

Moín Container Terminal’s environmental feasibility permit was issued on December 17, 2014. The Moín Container Terminal aims to be certified as a carbon neutral company prior to commencing operations. This supports the international and local commitment "Costa Rica Carbon Neutral Country Program 2007".

To achieve this, APM Terminals has signed a Framework Cooperation Agreement with EARTH University. This enables both parties to join their common interests and objectives in environmental and renewable energy training activities, and strengthening technical and normative competencies in mitigation of climate change.

Ecological Blue Flag Program in the Climate Change category:
After compliance with 10 environmental parameters and environmental education in each of them, the Moín Container Terminal has been awarded the Ecological Blue Flag since 2022.

ICE Group Renewable Energy Certificate:
Moín Container Terminal registers a 99% use of renewable energy in the operation of our terminal.

Sea Turtle Conservation Project:
As part of the environmental commitments that APM Terminals has assumed since the beginning of the construction stage of the TCM and to date, every year sea turtles that come to lay their eggs at Moín beach are protected


Soy APM Volunteering Program

“Soy APM Volunteering program aims to create synergies between APM Terminals Moín employees,  the company and communities. APM Terminals provides its employees the possibility of volunteering in coordination with the Corporate Social Responsibility Department, in environmental, social and cultural matters, among others.”

“For this occasion we developed a Christmas campaign UN JUGUETE POR UNA SONRISA, from November 14 to December 20, where we collected toys among ALL APM Terminals employees, for vulnerable children. Volunteers wrapped the gifts and delivered them at Moín School and a nearby community, El Cocal.

With these projects we increase the sense of belonging among all those who participate knowing that we work in a company committed to the needs of our environment, we also develop key skills that improve teamwork, leadership, creativity, empathy and project logistics.

We create and improve our internal relationships between collaborators from different departments and organizational levels, creating a more sustainable and supportive world, where everyone wins.”  - Krizia Cantón, Corporate Social Responsibility Coordinator


As part of the Global #Go Green Week in October 2021 the Safety & Resilience department and CSR team organised activities such as cleaning Moín Beach, and organising an Environmental Fair where  information booths aimed to raise awareness about subjects including the treatment of wastewater, dealing with spills, and protecting fauna. Among the attractions the #KeepItGreen Stand offered  succulents were delivered to support the Huertas (Orchards) project run together with a local school in Limón. There were also talks on environmental matters open to the public. The closing was carried out at Playa Cieneguita, Limón, which was inaugurated to become the tenth accessible beach in Costa Rica. Accessible beaches promote inclusive tourism and allow people with disabilities to enjoy the beach.

Robotics Program

Together with the Quirós-Tanzi Foundation, APM Terminals supports a Robotics Program incorporated into the Children's Study Program at a local school in Moín. The teachers use construction and programming as part of a Teaching-Learning methodology.


The arrival of the Moín Container Terminal changes the lives of many people in Costa Rica. In this short film we speak to some of the people impacted, including highly-qualified employees who previously had no choice but to leave the area where they grew up to find suitable work, and the farmers who now have efficient access to global markets for their produce.

Marine turtle conservation program

The company also operates the marine turtle conservation program, which aims to rescue and protect the largest number of sea turtles possible, that come annually to spawn in this area.

Thousands of eggs are rescued each year and community members, volunteers and students from moín school participated in the release of the newborn turtles. in 2017, 255 nests were protected and more than 12,000 newborns were released.