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Please follow this procedure for claims resulting from the following:

  1. Billing and services offered by the service provider, as a result of using Terminal de Contenedores de Moín (TCM).
  2. The quality and timely provision of services offered by the service provider as a result of using TCM.
  3. Damages or losses suffered by the user, caused by negligence, incompetence or fraud of the service provider’s employees, linked to the services provided within the port area, as a result of using TCM.

Please complete the appropriate claims form (see Forms box on this page) and email the completed form, together with supporting documentation, to Alternatively, hand in at Reception, first floor, Administration Building, APM Terminals Moin (parallel with the beach, 650m north of the Bailey bridge when entering through the Route 257).

Proceso de Reclamos

Users have a maximum period of thirty (30) calendar days to file their claims or complaints with the service provider. This is calculated from the day on which the event that gave rise to the claim occurred, the date that blame was assigned, or the date when the issue become known by the user.

The service provider will determine if the claim or complaint meets the requirements outlined in these Regulations. If the claim or complaint fails to meet any the requirements stipulated in these Regulations, the service provider will return the claim or complaint, indicating the reason, in order for the user to resolve within a period of ten (10) calendar days. If the user fails to provide or correct the information, the claim or will not be processed.The service provider will resolve claims or complaints within ten (10) working days, calculated from the date of submission. This period may be extended by up to five (5) working days, for those claims or complaints considered to be particularly complex by the services provider, or a longer period if agreed with the user.

If you have any questions, please refer to Chapter 14 of the Moin Container Terminal Operations Regulations, published in La Gaceta on Thursday, July 12, 2018.