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COVID-19 Update: Customer Advisory

Dear Customer,

We would like to submit to you our latest update on the outbreak of COVID-19 and related impact on APM Terminals Liberia Ltd. and our service delivery.

General Status

As we indicated in our last communication to you. We are closely monitoring and reacting to the situation in Liberia as part of our strong commitment towards keeping our employees and stakeholders out of harm’s way while minimizing any possible impact to our operations and our ability to serve you.

We adhere to the advice and regulations from the local authorities and are doing our utmost to maintain business as usual while ensuring the health and safety of the people in our offices, and our terminal.

Though there have been some challenges, as the State of Emergency and the 14-day lockdown, as announced by the Government of Liberia, began April 11, 2020, with extension on May 22, 2020, APMT Liberia was able to ensure business continuity and maintain full operation. Please be assured that APMT Liberia remains committed to serving all its customers during this lockdown period.

In an effort to enforce social distancing and ensure the safety of all Terminal users, and maintain business continuity we have decided to implement the following measures in order to support our valued customers:

  • A canopy has been set up at OSS with additional sitting capacity while maintaining safe distance amongst all customers.
  • Deploy 3 new tablets in addition to the 4 self-service kiosks to make it easy for customers to raise their invoices and receipts online with ease and convenience.

Customers are encouraged to use the online platform for all possible transactions to avoid physical interaction as much as possible as this will help to reduce the spread of the
Corona Virus - there will be NO manual billing. Exceptions will be reviewed on a case by case basis by the supervisor.

We are granting access for our online customer portal ( to all our customers and partners. Please feel free to reach out to us in case you have not yet been granted access.

To also support you as relates to the limited time for completing your banking transactions, we have also made the following payment options available for your convenience:

  • POS – you can pay with your ATM card at our counter using the POS after banking hours. Note: charges apply.
  • You can also make a pre-payment deposit in our account and use it to clear your invoices anytime.
  • Wire transfer – our banking details are on all invoices and you can use it to transfer your payments electronically from your account to our account. Please take note of the following:
    • This is subject to the amount hitting our account before we can issue a receipt.
    • Transfers between accounts with the same bank takes less time. E.g. GT Bank to GT Bank or LBDI to LBDI
  • Please use the option which is more convenient to you as we will not be held responsible if you choose an option that takes a longer time as this will not be considered as delay in issuing receipt.
  • Extended Banking hours. After negotiations between APMT and the Banks, both LBDI & GT Bank have extended their banking hours in the port as below:
    • GT Bank - extended closing time, Monday-Friday 15:00, Saturday 13:00
    • LBDI - opening 30 minutes earlier (08:30), extended closing time, Monday-Friday 15:00, Saturday 12:30 and added 1 more Teller.

Vessel Operations

  • For Vessel operations, stevedore manpower and APM Terminals support staff will be slightly reduced with increased safety measures in place, but with very limited impact on vessel operations and performances.
  • With immediate effect, Pilot booking would be done electronically, using the Pilot Booking Form on this page, under below conditions:
    • For berthing, the form must be submitted a minimum of one (1) calendar day before the expected movement time.
    • For sailing, form must be submitted a minimum of two (2) hours before the expected movement time.
    • All required supporting document, including NPA payment justification should be scanned and shared along with the form.
    • The provided form should be filled up and saved as a PDF file before submission. Only PDF file submissions will be accepted.
    • All pilot booking forms should be sent to Vessel Planning mail:

Cargo acceptance and storage

  • Storage remain the same with increased safety measures in place but have no effect on the operations.
  • Cargo acceptance will be impacted by the new gate hours, but with very minimal impact expected on the gate operations and performances.

Cargo pick up & delivery

  • Cargo pick up & delivery will be impacted by the new gate hours but with minimal impact expected on the gate operations and performances.
  • Gate opening and closing hours, will be amended as of May 1, 2020 as seen below:
    • There will be 2 lanes functional at the in-gate and 2 lanes functional at the out-gate permanently.
    • Gate hours from Monday to Friday: 08:30 to 19:00 (The last truck will be gated-in at 18:00)
    • Gate hours from Saturday: 09:00 to 17:00 (the last truck will gate in at 16:00)

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