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Digitalization & Process Improvements update

Dear valued Customer,

Compliments and wishing you a productive week ahead.

As we move forward with digitization of our processes, we want to remind our customer that your feedback means a lot to us.

During the past week, there has been lot of engagements with various stakeholders and customers of the progress and impact of some of our processes.

Basis of those feedback, we have decided to extend the date of fully rolling out all our processes online and adapting all changes mentioned below.

In view of the above, please be informed that the ongoing period of sensitization and flexibility requested by some customers, has been extended and will end on March 14, 2022. As of March 16, 2022, all processes will be fully rolled out; while we will still be available to support you.

Therefore, kindly take note of these improvements and be guided accordingly.

APM Terminals Liberia will implement the following changes to the processes at the Billing section at one stop shop (OSS) to improve and speed up service delivery and document processing:

  1. Stamping of invoices, receipts and permits will be discontinued – going forward, your original invoices and receipts will be sent to your online account on the customer portal where you can get it and print a copy if you need to. 
  2. Scanning of bank deposit slips and invoice for cashier receipts will be discontinued – our finance team will use details in the data from real time deposits in our account to issue the receipts directly to your online account on the customer portal where you can get it and print it out if you need to. 
  3. Declarant billing on behalf of consignee will be discontinued – this will help to speed up and reduce complication in the process as declarants are not in the system. Using a declarant account to bill will lead to invoices and receipts not going to actual customer account. 
  4. Broker booking truck appointment for consignee only with written authorization
  5. Issue resolution – all customer interaction with APM Terminals Liberia including issues, inquiries, requests, follow up, challenges, etc. should be directed to our APM Terminals Liberia Customercare team email: for swift/timely redress and resolution through our case management process. Follow up calls for urgent issues can be made to +231777014333


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