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Tariff Adjustment

Dear Valued customer,

As per the Concession Agreement with the Government of Liberia, the prescribed 2022 tariff adjustment factor has been calculated by means of the predefined formula and that will have the effect of adjusting all current charges upward by 4.73%. This adjustment will take effect from August 1st, 2022, through 31st January 2023.

This tariff adjustment will be applied for the purpose of helping to partially recover the increased cost related to the significantly increased fuel price that is impacting trade globally and directly impacts the provision of reefer power and fueling equipment for container movements, the already affected annual increases for labor at the port and the inflationary increases imposed by both local and foreign suppliers.

In order to support the local Liberian businesses during the above mentioned difficult global inflationary environment, a one-off concession will be considered for this already deferred 2022 concession-based increase and this recovery adjustment will not impact the Liberian businesses (non-reefer importers and exporters). This one-off concession should not be considered as precedent for future year increases or any waiver of the concessionary increase rights awarded in the concession.

Items that are EXCLUDED from this tariff adjustment are:

  • Terminal Handling Charges (THC) for Liberian businesses
  • Import/Export Full Storage for Liberian businesses
  • General Cargo (GC) handling charges for Liberian businesses

This adjustment also includes the below line item to distinguish the handling of wheat in bulk from general cargo and takes effect from   August 1 2022 to 31 January 2023:

  • Wheat, corn, maize and soybean (bulk) - $11.63 USD per ton

Summary of items to be adjusted include:

  • Container handling for Shipping Lines
  • Empty Container Storage Charges for Shipping Lines
  • Reefer Power & Monitoring charges directly impacted by fuel price increase
  • Penalty charges that are avoidable and cause inefficiency for port operations
  • All other charges not exclusively mentioned for exclusion above

We appreciate your partnership and look forward to even more positive engagements

Should you have any concern and/or queries, please contact our Head of Commercial:
Mr. Thomas A. Moore |+231-776-491-644 |  

Best regards,
Management APM Terminals Liberia Ltd