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Dear valued Customer,

It has come to our attention that some cargoes have sub classification for international shipping based on the UN Number. This however is not always visibly manifested; which causes disputes with customers/consignees that can negatively impact your experience working with us to take delivery of your cargo.

Fortunately, our Terminal Operating System (TOS) can flag this and as such we are obliged to enforce the highest safety controls of your cargo and the terminal.

This means that we will evaluate all IMDG cargo based on the manifest and the system. Please see below sample of how our Terminal Operating System (TOS) flags all hazards and associated classification with IMDG cargo: 


 Please note that we will continue with the ongoing procedure of IMDG processing and billing IMDG penalty for failure to evacuate IMO class 1 (excluding class 1.4) and class 6 from the terminal within 24 hours as per our standard procedure and tariff, AUX34. 

Please review our terminals IMDG process page for further information.

Please reach out to our customer care using below contact details for any inquiry you might have: 


Contact number: +231777014333