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Customer Advisory: Terminal Delivery Order for multiple containers on a single bill of lading

Dear Customer,

In furtherance of our Port Automation and Digitization (PAD) initiative, we would like to inform all our Landside customers about improvement made with permit generation which will now allow us to issue a Terminal Delivery Order that will contain a full list of all processed import full containers on a given bill of lading (BL) number. Terminal Delivery Order (TDO) allows terminal to issue release for multiple containers on a single bill of lading and reduce processing time.

This change takes effect on May 24, 2023, at which time we will stop issuing entry permits which will be replaced by the new Terminal Delivery Order (TDO). This will make it faster for our customers and easy for terminal to serve you better in that the available truck will go for any of the units that have been released, enabling us to load the most accessible unit without wasting time looking for a particular container.

Customers will be required to print the number of copies as per the number of containers, book appointment and give each trucker/transporter a copy. After loading, an Equipment Interchange Receipt (EIR) will be issued for each container delivered, as usual, and this will allow customers to keep track of the container(s) that have been delivered. This will also reduce the Truck turnaround time.

We will explain further on this during our monthly help desk and workshops as well as be available to support you our valued customer when you reach out to us.

We look forward to your continuous collaboration to enable us to serve you better and safely.

Kind regards,
APM Terminals
Contact number: +231777014333