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Notice for standard release request subject format

Dear Valued Customer,

Please be informed that we are working on improving the quality of information we are receiving from all customers for our services.

The purpose of this exercise is to identify areas for  improvement with issue resolution thru our customer service team -                              

Here is all you need to do when sending email to

  1. For release request:
    Include in the subject  field the BL# and customs reference.

                  If there are many BL# , add few in the subject field and the rest in the body of the mail .

  2. For delay or issues :
    Include in the subject a BL# or booking # or container #.

    Better still a reference ( proforma # , invoice # etc )  in the subject to differentiate your mail from others.

Please avoid duplication of request by using reply all to follow up or call 0777-014-333.

Best regards,
APM Terminals Monrovia