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Customer Advisory: Standardising export - OK TO LOAD process

Dear Valued Customer,

In line with our plan to improve our services to you, we have decided to standardize our export process. We have observed that exporters are not following the export process by monitoring changes in vessel schedule and paying up to final estimated time of departure. This means we have been shipping boxes with additional storage and contacting customers thereafter for payment, however this is counterproductive.

Considering the above, we have decided to ensure full adherence to the export process to be compliant with real time system updates and loading. Please be guided that:

  1. Presentation of shipping documents and APM Terminals payment at OSS will no longer serve as OK TO LOAD.
  2. OK TO LOAD will depend on completing shipping document and paying APM Terminals charges up to final vessel ETD.
  3. Shipper is solely responsible to regularly check vessel schedule and pay up to final departure date (ETD) Or make additional deposit to cover additional storage resulting from change in vessel schedule.
  4. We will discontinue loading units with additional storage.
  5. We will need early notification (24hr to cut-off time) for late export acceptance.
  6. Shipper is entitled to and may request credit note if vessel sails before the Pay -thru date.

We look forward to your continuous collaboration to enable us to serve you better.

Please contact customer service via email if you need any support or call: +23177701433.

Kind regards,
APM Terminals Liberia