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APM Terminals is committed to maintain a healthy and safe working environment for all of our employees, contractors, vendors, and visitors. We expect all port users to share in our commitment to ensure we avoid incidents which may lead to personal injury, damage to the environment, property equipment, or loss of life.

45ft Container Safety Procedure

Those coming to take delivery of a 45ft container from the terminal must first contact our HSSE team to inspect their truck and confirm if it is suitable to tolerate a 45ft container. Trucks that are not pre-inspected will not be accepted into the terminal for delivery. See HSSE contact details .

Terminal Safety Rules

In all areas

  • No smoking, alcohol, drugs/narcotics
  • Abide by all APM Terminals employee instructions
  • Remember, you are on CCTV
  • In case of fire, please raise the alarm or inform the nearest APM Terminals employee
  • No photography/videography

If accessing the operational area

  • A safety induction (or annual refresher) must have been completed
  • Seatbelts must be worn and speed limits adhered to
  • Do not exit your vehicle for any reason
  • PPE is required

Access to the Freeport

APM Terminals Liberia is located within the National Port Authority (NPA) of Liberia, and consequently all visitors will be required to have an approved access pass for the NPA. Inform APM Terminals 24 hours in advance so they can arrange a temporary access pass.

Access to APM Terminals

APM Terminals Liberia operates a pedestrian free zone, and access on foot to the operational areas of the facility is strictly prohibited. Access is restricted to the volume of heavy duty equipment operating within the facility. Vehicle parking is available for visitors to the Administration Offices.

Security Checks

All visitors or any person on the terminal can be subject to security checks in order to detect any illegal weapons or objects and harmful substances, or for the detection of crime. The purpose of the checks is to prevent any acts that may cause loss or damage to ships, port security areas. Random security checks will be made of vehicles and personnel.