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APM Terminals Mumbai's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) committee determines and manages the projects the company supports, which add value to local communities mainly in areas of public health and education. In doing so we live up to our Mission Statement of “Being a good corporate citizen”.

Welfare Centre for Truck Drivers

Since 2016 we have operated two welfare centres for truck drivers at the pre-gate parking area. The clinics, staffed by qualified doctors and paramedics, aim to provide free primary medical care to all truck drivers and cleaners. By 2017 we had treated more than 26,000 patients. In 2019, this initiative was recognised as the best Health CSR Project at the CSR Health Impact Awards 2019, an initiative of Indian Health & Wellness (IHW) Council.

Other initiatives include providing public toilets at Sulabh Sauchalaya, a blood donation camp and the distribution of school uniforms to the Chirner tribal School, Koproli Tribal School, Ransai Tribal School, Vindhane Tribal School and the Chirner Residential tribal school.

Composition of CSR Committee

Mr. Julian Bevis – Chairman
Mr. Mohammad Azhar Shams – Member
Mr. Santosh Singh - Member