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APM Terminals Mumbai launches a rail service for empty container repositioning

APM Terminals Mumbai (Gateway Terminals India – GTI) introduces a new value-added service for customers by providing a rail product to reposition empty containers. The new service is available for shipping lines, inland container depots (ICDs) and container freight stations (CFS).

With the number of containers moved on the roads to meet growing market demand, congestions can become a major problem and occasionally lead to reduced equipment availability due to longer turn times for empty boxes. To address this issue and propose a tangible solution addressing it, APM Terminals Mumbai (otherwise known as Gateway Terminals India – GTI) has introduced a new rail service specifically for repositioning of empty containers. 

Under the new setup, shipping lines and individual customers can reposition their empty inventory by rail from the container terminal to inland depots, from depots to the terminal, or even between individual depots via the terminal in a safer, faster, cost-competitive and environmentally friendly way. Apart from reducing road congestions and turn time for empty equipment, the new solution also provides greater visibility of the location of the inventory and allows better planning of the supply chain by customers.

“We see growing demand from our diverse customer base for solutions going beyond conventional services a container terminal would normally offer”, comments Girish Aggarwal, Chief Operating Officer at APM Terminals Mumbai. “This includes increased focus on landside transportation, but also products ensuring better and faster equipment availability. With this new product we want to help our customers organise their logistics better, while reducing the pressure on roads and therefore also improving safety.”

The new rail service is available to both shipping lines and individual customers, as well as inland container depot (ICD) or container freight station (CFS) operators and will be launched each time based on customer needs. APM Terminals Mumbai expect this solution to be an attractive offer to businesses located not just in the close vicinity of the terminal, but also across Maharashtra, Gujarat and the broader region.

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