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Billing System Upgradation

Dear Valued Stakeholders,  

Greetings from APM Terminals Mumbai!  

As we are in the process of upgrading our ERP from the existing IFS 7 to a state of the art- IFS 10 system. The system is expected to be up & running by 10th November 2022. 

In order to ensure that this process of transition is smooth, we shall be sharing regular updates and advisories with regards to the ERP. 

As part of the Go-Live, the listed activities below shall be disrupted during the downtime period:
  • Invoicing  
  • Balance Statement on e-mail  
  • Ledger Information on Customer Service Portal  
  • Auto Finance hold-released System  
This downtime may also impact on day-to-day operations including container release. Since during this period we are operating manually, kindly share all your requests regarding delivery of containers during working hours only. 

Whilst the above schedule has been drawn-up considering system downtime and other operational factors, request your understanding with regards to the same varying to the extent of a few days.   

Thank you for your support and understanding! We shall keep you progressively updated of any further developments on the subject. 


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