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APM Terminals Mumabai receives fresh water produced by Maersk vessel

Gateway Terminals India (GTI - APM Terminals Mumbai) is happy to support Maersk Line’s latest sustainability drive related to production and landing of fresh water onboard ocean-going vessels.

Cargo ships undertaking global trade are equipped with freshwater generator systems that produce clean drinking water by distilling sea water using heat energy harnessed from their engines. Traditionally, this system has been used to generate water for consumption only onboard the vessels. However, the excess water produced has been overlooked. Through an innovative project, Maersk engineers have optimised the process to store this excess water in tank containers which can then be delivered to ports.

GTI became the proud recipient of such a tank container this week. 25,000 litres of fresh water was unloaded from MV Maersk Stralsund (operating on the ME2 service at GTI) and delivered to GTI’s fresh water sump. This water will be used to meet the Terminal’s daily water requirements and offsets the need to purchase equivalent quantity of water which is obtained from natural resources.

Going forward, Maersk Line plans to regularize such production and delivery of water at GTI which will help GTI draw out plans for more sustainable utilization of the same. This will not only impact the cost of sourcing water at GTI but will also help in reducing Scope III emissions for the terminal.

In line with its commitment to decarbonization, GTI looks forward to partnering with Maersk and other shipping lines towards more such sustainability focused initiatives.