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APM Terminals Mumbai is committed towards mitigation of environmental impact not only from its own operations, but also to inculcate a ‘Green Consciousness’ amongst employees and the immediate society at large.

The HSSE team devotes time and efforts towards environment initiatives undertaken in the areas of hygiene, pollution and environment so that its employees and the nearby villages lead a more empowered and healthy life.

Its various initiatives have resulted in a saving of 19.4% electricity and 7.77 % diesel. It has also resulted in reducing CO2 emissions by a notable 5000 tonnes. It aims to formulate world class standards for environment-conscious terminal operations and has chosen it as a necessary yardstick for profitable growth.

The terminal’s HSSE Team, headed by a General Manager, is entirely focussed on effective implementation of Environment Management System (EMS) in level with Global APM Terminals standards. The ambition is strive to become ‘Eco-efficient’- beyond compliance & demonstrate Corporate Citizenship in mitigating adverse impact on the Environment.

Solar Power

Since 2016, APM Terminals Mumbai has had solar panels installed on the roofs of the workshop and gate complex, and ship-to-shore crane machine houses, generating up to 581,000 kWh (kilowatt hour) of electricity per year. This provides approximately 10% of the terminals electricity requirements. Plans for further installations, which would increase this to 15% are being investigated.

Recent sustainability initiatives

  • A Bio Composting Plant
  • PUC Check for all Internal Container Handling Equipments and Vehicles
  • Ambient Air Monitoring
  • Drinking Water Analysis
  • Sewage Water Treatment Plant
  • Oil-Water Separator Unit
  • Disposal of Hazardous waste through authorized Agency
  • Special Chassis to keep leaking containers
  • Imported Oil Spill Response Unit for handling Tier 1 Spill
  • Bio-Blocks
  • Procurement of 11 Eco-friendly RTGCs

Sustainable equipment

While we carefully execute initiatives that cause measured awareness amongst employees and the community, we understand the need to back these initiatives with tangible alterations at an operational level. APM Terminals Mumbai invested in two major re-engineering activities listed below:

  • Two Speed Engine Conversion - By implementing a two-speed operation of RTG engines we managed to reduce fuel consumption by 268,800 liters annually in 29 RTG operations. This huge reduction in fuel has actually improved our carbon footprint by reducing 711782.4 Kg CO2, as the engine runs at idle speed only when no operation is performed.
  • Wind Turbine Ventilators – We replaced forced ventilation fans used in STS (QC) machine houses with Wind Turbine Ventilators which reduced 556800 Kg CO2.
    ElectromiZer Units in Yard Lighting - The engineering team introduced `ElectromiZer’ panels for yard area illumination circuits to reduce electrical energy consumption of 235570 KG CO2.
  • Recycling of Engine & Gear Box Oils - The Used Engine Oils and the Gear Box Oils of cranes are recycled using filtration methods and then reused for lubricating the engine parts. This has resulted in an increased lifespan of the oil by 60%.