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N4 CAP for Shipping Lines

N4 CAP can be used to:

  • Track containers
  • Upload EDI for From 11
  • ITT pre-advise
  • Access Reefer Temperature Variance 
  • Retrieve No Match details for export containers using the filter in the Unit tab

Sharing of Form 11 pre-advise

  • Form 11 pre-advise is to be shared through N4 CAP and not through email.
  • Formats are shared in Supporting Documents on this page
  • Status of uploaded form 11 can be checked from EDI batches (under EDI tab in N4 CAP).
  • Appropriate file should be uploaded in the session selected in N4 CAP. i.e. if Form 11 is selected then Form 11 file only should be uploaded.

Access Reefer Temperature Variance

  1. Log into your N4 CAP account
  2. Select ‘Unit’ tab.
  3. Right click on Field Header Bar:
  4. Select Reefer:

    - Is Reefer Variance
    - Observed Temperature
    - Temp Required


  5. Fields have been added to display reefer temperature variance data