Adherence of safety practices and procedures are imperative at the terminal and are followed by all operational staff:

  • Wearing of PPEs (safety jacket, helmet, shoes) inside the Terminal is mandatory. Those working at heights should wear safety belts, hand-gloves & goggles. Face mask should be used as per application.  
  • Drug & Alcohol is not allowed on the job.
  • Smoking inside the terminal is not allowed, except in smoking zone.
  • Speed Limit inside the Terminal is Max .20 K.M.P.H. 
  • Do not walk inside the Terminal; make use of the Shuttle Bus service.
  • Do not use cell phones while operating equipments, driving vehicles, climbing staircase etc.
  • Fasten seat belts while travelling in vehicles, operating cranes.
  • Reversing & Overtaking is not allowed inside the Terminal.
  • Switch on lights; in case of dark, dawn/dusk.
  • Duty more than 12 hrs is not allowed inside the Terminal.
  • Vehicle maintenance inside the Terminal is prohibited; except in Maintenance area.
  • Be aware of restricted areas, cranes & electrical substations.
  • Incase of ill-health, visit the First Aid Centre. If required rest in orange house at wharf. Sleeping inside the Terminal is prohibited.
  • Do not stand below hanging loads.
  • Follow all Safety & traffic rules.
  • Do not enter inside Container Stacks.
  • Do not sleep or sit underneath any vehicle.
  • Do not cross the crane path /track.
  • Working of any Untrained & Unidentified person inside the terminal is not allowed.
  • Do not park your vehicle inside Terminal; except in parking area.
  • Instructions from Shift Manager/work area in charge to be followed in case of emergency.
  • Damaging equipments is strictly prohibited.
  • If you hear an alarm/siren, assemble at the nearest assembly point

Related Information

*Note: For use inside operational areas, GTI provides its clients/ their staff with the following. The same is issued at our ODC gate:

- Safety helmets
- Hi-viz reflective vests
- Beacon lights for vehicles

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